In the Vienne, a company manufactures biodegradable flower pots for the good of the planet

How to plant flowers, seeds or herbs without using plastic pots? In the Vienne region of France, a company has developed pots made from biodegradable green waste compost that have beneficial effects on plants. Communities and individuals are already using them. #TheyAreTheSolution
This is a revolutionary planting pot. Made from green waste compost, it biodegrades completely by improving the soil. “From the composition of the pots, we bring to the plant nutrients that allow it to develop both at the root level and the stem”, says Tobias Pierrepoint, the director of So Ethic.

No more plastic: this pot that reduces waste and waste and respects the circular economy process. Only So Ethic, a subsidiary of Véolia based in Bonneuil-Matours in the Vienne region, has the magic formula for these pots that feed the plant. This environmental project has been supported by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) and the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE).

A positive impact on the environment
Easy to use, the pot is planted directly in the ground with its plant, then biodegrades naturally. Replacing plastic pots by these pots allows to strongly reduce its carbon footprint, with however a small downside: “We may be eight or nine times more expensive than a plastic pot, but we must know what we want. We generate five times less CO2, so the effects are real and tangible, it’s measurable, it’s not just a commercial argument, we do good for the planet”, says Christophe Boutin, the manager of the So Ethic website.

These pots are already of interest to local authorities, horticulturists and supermarkets. A few weeks before the sowing season, individuals can also buy them on the new website of the company.