Microsoft Edge Gets Bing’s Dall-E Image Creator, Drop Tool, and More: All Details

Microsoft Edge’s Image Creator will display on the sidebar panel.

Microsoft has integrated an AI-powered image generator that uses DALL-E technology into its Bing chatbot recently. Now, the tech giant has widely rolled out the AI tool dubbed Bing Image Creator on desktops for Edge users. Arranged in the sidebar panel in the Edge browser, the new tool would allow users to create pictures based on their text prompts and the Image Creator will offer four different image options to choose from. Microsoft has also added other new features to Edge, including a Drop tool that lets users access all the content they want to share with themselves and a new efficiency mode that displays battery performance.

Microsoft, via a blog post on Thursday, announced the arrival of new features to its Edge browser. As mentioned, OpenAI’s DALL-E-powered AI image generator is now available on desktop for all Edge users. This feature will create pictures based on text prompts and can be accessed right from Microsoft Edge’s sidebar. Based on the prompt, the new Image Creator will offer four different image options to choose from. After selecting an image, users can download it and add it to their document or upload it to social media. First time users have to enable the Image Creator by clicking the ‘+‘ icon on the Edge sidebar. Microsoft Edge is claimed to be the first and only browser with an integrated AI image generator.

Additionally, Microsoft has added a new Drop feature in Edge. This allows users to share photos, notes, documents, and more between devices in one thread. This functionality is available on Edge on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The Drop feature can be accessed from the sidebar or using drag-and-drop to add content.

Further, Microsoft Edge has received another feature that lets users edit and save Web images without using additional tools or apps. Users would be able to crop, adjust lighting and colour, and add filters to web images from the browser itself. The edited image can be saved for later use without leaving the browser window.

Furthermore, Microsoft has improved the Edge efficiency mode feature in the latest release to provide better battery life and more control over how the device consumes power. With the latest update, the laptop minimizes power usage when users are not interacting with the browser.