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Camden volunteer, Stephanie Gruver
By: Buzzy Bohn  10/01/2007
Camden volunteer, Stephanie Gruver

    Although a relatively young woman, Webber-Camden resident Stephanie Gruver is a long-time Camden volunteer. Stephanie was one of the early members of Our Neighborhood Works, whose mission is to foster neighbor-to- neighbor connections and provide community involvement opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in Camden. She has been an active member of the Holiday on 44th committee for years. She not only works hard on soliciting funds to make the event happen but also contributes a lot of fresh ideas. When I first met Stephanie several years ago, my first reaction was “this person is a one-woman publicity ad for Camden!” Stephanie has been very involved with the Webber-Camden Neighborhood Association and the Camden Old House Club. Volunteers like Stephanie Gruver are what make Camden such a great community.


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Camden volunteer, Stephanie Gruver

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