CCN Article - Front Page - Camden Community News, The First Northside Online Newspaper, Covering the Northwest Area of Minneapolis

Camden Community News, The First Northside Online Newspaper, Covering the Northwest Area of Minneapolis

Camden Community News, The First Northside Online Newspaper, Covering the Northwest Area of Minneapolis


    I have been associated with the Camden News since its inception. First as a reader and admirer of its upbeat outlook, with well written and thoughtful articles. The paper began publishing in 1975, and next year, we celebrate our 40 year anniversary.


By: Barbara Bach 12/01/2014

Just as the cold comes, we enter a season of celebration and festivities. In Camden, as in neighborhoods throughout America, we connect with family and friends. We share traditions and customs. We cook and eat comfort food together, create and cherish memories, listen to choirs, spread cheer, celebrate with services, and share moments of closeness. Above all, this special season is a time for goodwill, generosity and giving. It is a time to care for each other and for others


‘Tis the season of giving

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By: Vicki Young 12/01/2014

Over the last few years the sound of new construction has been reverberating throughout the Twin Cities. The whir of electric saws and the rhythmic pounding of hammers are busily at work, not constructing McMansions, but assembling small doll-house-like structures that are called Free Little Libraries. These charming little buildings have sprung up throughout the Twin Cities and we are now seeing them in yards all over Camden. They come in all styles and all designs that range from simple to more elaborate, but they all have one thing in common—they are a place to hold books for people to read for free. Despite the invention and convenience of electronic books, there is still nothing like actually holding and reading a real book. Some of our most cherished memories come from the books that we read as children. Mankato native Maud Lovelace’s novels were some of my beloved favorites.


By: Angela Scaletta 12/01/2014

If you listen closely on the evening of December 5, you’ll hear the clip-clop of hooves and the jingle-jingle of bells. You’ll also hear laughter, great music and neighbors getting to know one another. Snow and cold weather mean it’s time for Northside residents to celebrate at Holiday on 44th, the free festival that brings horse-drawn wagons, twinkling lights and hot roasted chestnuts to the Camden Community.


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